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pARTners Art Coop

Meet the Artists

Current members:


Reynold “Raindog” Kiyoshk


Born in Walpoe Island Ontario Reynold Kiyoshk moved to Detroit at the age of seven.  Later he lived on a small acreage in New Mexico where he studied art and southwest native history.  There he raised children and ran a service station as a source of income.  He later retuned to Detroit and attended MoTeC.  Throughout this period drinking increasingly became a problem for Reynold.  However he was able to later quit through rehabilitation at Brentwood in Windsor Ontario.  Through change he learned about love and life and developed an appreciation for the good in life – the light that exists there.  With time he changed and grew and now reviews his life through his artwork.


Laurence Freed


Laurence Freed is an aboriginal Cree from North Battleford, Saskatchewan.  A traditional dancer, he has been living in Ottawa since 1992.  He worked for 3 embassies over a 5-season period before doing personal care work for 13 years at Starwood.  He decided to pursue art in soapstone, watercolor, acrylics, and woodcarving.  Positive people with good energy, which he attempts to incorporate into his work, inspire Laurence.


Larry "Bugs" Moloughney


Larry Moloughney was born and raised near Ottawa on a farm in Jack River.  His art studio is Phoenix, Arizona.  His art includes stitch work, stone buttons, bear teeth, bear claws, painted feathers and armadillo tails, turtle claws as well as postesr on cloth materials.  He is inspired by the work he sees in nature, particularly in the remains of living creatures.

Daryl Gallant


Daryl Gallant is an emerging artist in multi-medium carving (soapstone and wood.)  Currently residing in Ottawa, he was first motivated by his grandfather’s carvings.  Daryl is looking to continue to improve his skills and explore what his talents may bring.


Michael MacKinnon


Michael MacKinnon is a travelling writer and social activist.  Inspired by the human condition, he writes about that which he encounters as he travels the roads of Canada and the US, the good and the bad.  From Fredericton NB he currently resides in Ottawa, ON.  Future travels include Guatemala and the Far East.